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Earn money passively by buying plant pitches, profit distributions per harvest. High returns of up to 20 % possible – for life. Become a CBD investor and receive passive income for life! High-tech certified Swiss company!

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Why CBD and CannerGrow ?

We grow for you!

Here’s how it works: You buy one or more plant plots in the Cannerald facilities. Here, CannerGrow cultivates, harvests and sells cannabis plants. After two to three months, you receive 50% of the profits from your harvest. And you get a new plant – for life!

Swiss Made

Cannerald is a production and research company from Switzerland that produces high-quality cannabis products. The production takes place in Switzerland near Bern. You are welcome to arrange a visit at any time. With the current expansion of its halls, Cannerald will soon have probably the largest indoor facility in Switzerland.

Billion Euro market

Medically, the medicinal plant cannabis is increasingly used to combat various diseases. Cannabis is being legalised in more and more countries, but the plant’s market potential is still in its earliest stages.

Affiliate Program

You want additional income? Then use the affiliate programme of CannerGrow!
Recommend the business model to others and benefit from attractive bonuses with a total of seven levels.
As a referrer, you even earn an additional passive income with the harvests of your partners!

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What our clients say

Die Zusammenarbeit mit Greencashflow und Cannerald GmbH ist einfach super. Die Mitarbeiter (Sponsoren) sind sehr kompetent und stehen jederzeit telefonisch wie auch per Mail für Fragen zur Verfügung. Dies sehr zeitnahe und Hilfreich. Top! Danke Leute.

Pascal Gerner, Investor

Ich kann die Zusammenarbeit mit Cannerald GmbH und Greencashflow nur weiterempfehlen! Mein vor Ort Besuch war ein voller Erfolg! Auch allfällige Fragen werden jederzeit kompetent und rasch beantwortet. Super job jungs weiter so!

Ronny Cejka, Investor

Plant sales

You’re just a few clicks away from “owning cannabis plants” that will generate a lifetime of passive income.

In the CannerGrow plant sale, you secure one or more lifelong spots in Cannerald’s indoor facilities. The service provider takes care of the cultivation of the acquired cannabis plants with the most modern equipment up to harvest and sale. Every two to three months, a new harvest takes place and you get a new plant cutting for free. You can decide if you want to earn money passively or if you want a part of the harvest yourself. The profit is split 50/50 between you and CannerGrow.