Plant sale

Generating cash flow – with the growth market of cannabis

Own plants legally and generate passive income. Contribute to the establishment of medical cannabis and earn money on the side. CannerGrow is a unique company concept that allows you to become an investor and generate cash flow. With high-tech Swissness to market takeover. Become part of this unique movement!

Want to become a part of the cannabis industry and generate cash flow with your own plants? CannerGrow by Cannerald offers you the ideal solution!

The Swiss-based research and production company is currently building more facilities in Switzerland and across Europe. This will create a revolutionary ecosystem for the sale of cannabis plants. The company allows people to purchase their own physical cannabis plants, grown in Cannerald’s world-class indoor facilities. Profits from the market are converted into passive income.

By registering with CannerGrow, anyone can secure one or more spots for cannabis plants in the “Plant Sale” section. Choose yourself how many spots you want and buy them with a few Clicks. From then on, experts will take care of your plants from cultivation to harvest

You receive 50% of the sales revenue generated by each plant as passive income. The more plants, the more potential profit! More information in short format:

  • 1600 euros per spot
  • The plants are harvested every two to three months.
  • After each harvest, your old one is replaced by a new one.
  • The purchase is valid for life.

Thanks to experienced partners in research and science, Cannerald grows high-quality cannabis with 30% less water and 40% less energy requirements. This expertise translates into an even better return on investment to generate cash flow with the best possible cannabis.

So that you don’t have to worry, your pitch is protected against the following effects:

-loss of earnings


-third party interference


-water damage

-fire and fire damage

Register today to start earning passive income from your own plants with CannerGrow!

Anzahl Plants
Return per harvest
Return per year
Return per year in %
The minimum amount is 1600 unit price. Make sure you enter a multiple of 1600 in the investment amount.

The data used to calculate the returns are based on the basic data of Cannerald GmbH.


Revenue sharing – Overview

1.45 EUR – 1.95 EUR
B2B Price
We have a large B2B network that enables us to sell each harvest directly.
1.45 Eur – 2.35 EUR
Mixed B2B and B2C price
2.40 EUR – 2.90 EUR
GMP target price for medical CBC
2.60 EUR – 3.60 EUR
GMP target price for medicinal THC
3.00 EUR – 5.00 EUR
B2C Price

Calculation example:

Total amount of CBD per plant 70g

70g = 100%

Current retail price per 1 gram of CBD = 2.35€.

70g * 2.35 € = 164.5€

Less 20% (35€) additional costs Cannerald = 164.5€ – 35€ = 130€

are the new 100%

130€ / 2 = 65€ (Profit = 65€ Investor & 65€ Cannerald)

Commissions of the remuneration systems will be paid from the profit sum

paid out to the MLM Networkers by Cannerald GmbH.

We cannot offer any purchase or stable

prices for your harvested CBD!

These prices are only based on our experience so far

experience and may vary at any time in the future.